Excellence in Planning

2014 Recipient: DESIGN REGINA

SPPI established the Excellence in Planning Award to recognize the best in professional planning work undertaken by members in communities and regions across Saskatchewan with an emphasis on research and new directions in planning; excellence in policy planning; and excellence in planning practice (urban and rural).

The selection committee focused on seven factors when evaluating proposals.  These criteria included:

  • Innovation;
  • Transferability;
  • Contribution to the Profession;
  • Public Process;
  • Implementation;
  • Sustainability; and,
  • Overall Presentation of each proposal.

This year’s recipient of the Excellence in Planning Award is Design Regina. Design Regina was the process used to develop the City of Regina’s Official Community Plan.  A multi-disciplinary City project team worked with lead consultants, planningAlliance to develop a Plan to manage the City’s growth to 300,000 people and guide growth and development in the future. A primary purpose for this Plan was to improve the City’s financial sustainability. There was extensive engagement throughout the process including with community members, stakeholders, the RM of Sherwood, City staff (over 100) and City Council.

In the development of this Plan, conversations included consideration of the financial implications of growth. This was informed by a financing growth study, conducted to better understand the long-term capital and operating cost and revenue implications for both hard and soft City services related to different growth options. The next steps will be working with the development community to determine how growth should be phased and financed over the life of the Plan.

Through the Design Regina process, the City was able to adopt an integrated land-use and growth management plan that resulted in a broad policy framework for the City’s programs and services that has improved community-supported decision making.

SPPI is pleased to present the Excellence in Planning Award to all those involved in Design Regina!