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Welcome to the SPPI Learning Centre. See below for articles and resources that may be useful to our membership. If you have any documents you would like to submit for our Learning Centre, please send them to info@sppi.ca


Planning 101

See below for the July 9  SPPI Webinar, Planning 101 with Jenna Schroeder. Thank you to Jenna for an informative presentation to SPPI members:

Planning 101 with Jenna Schroeder

SPPI Planning 101 – Presentation Slides


SPPI Proponent Handbook

In November the Professional Development Committee of SPPI hosted the DTC for Planners workshop in Saskatoon.  The workshop was conducted by Karen Bolton and Monique Young of the Aboriginal Consultation Unit of the Ministry of Government Relations.  The workshop included guidance for municipalities and developers on early engagement related to projects that may trigger government’s duty to consult.  See below for the Proponent Handbook:

SPPI Proponent Handbook


2019 SPPI Conference Resources

See below for presentations that were at the recent 2019 SPPI Conference, Good Neighbours Strong Communities:

Criteria Based Decision Making by Colleen Yates, Equinox

Neighborhoods First by John Reuter, Strong Towns

A Curbside Chat by John Reuter, Strong Towns

Rural Contributions to Community Building, Jessica Mitchell and Jana Jedlic, RM of Edenwold

Provincial Update Summary, Janna Morgan, Ralph Leibel and Riley Stefanik, CPB,  Ministry of Government Relations

Asset Management and Municipal OCP, Jaimie Hallett, Northbound Planning


See below for recent presentations from the Saskatoon Talks on Tap, BRT and Bike Lanes by Dr. Ehab Diab and Michaela Sidloski from the University of Saskatchewan and Danae Bologun and Rob Dudiak with the City of Saskatoon:

BRT – Dr. Diab and Michaela Sidloski PART1

BRT – Dr. Diab and Michaela Sidloski PART2

BRT – Danae Balogun

BRT – Rob Dudiak


Professor David Gordon (Queen’s University) has been doing some interesting digging into historic materials on Saskatchewan planning published in the Journal of the Town Planning Institute of Canada from 1920-32. See below for the recovered documents:

1920 Pages 17-20 from JTPIC

1924 Pages 15-16 from JTPIC

1927 Pages 152 JTPIC

1927 Pages 184-5 from JTPIC


Regional & Urban Planning Program 50th Anniversary Collection 2018

Reclaiming the Back Alley Akkerman

Gender myth and the mind-city composite Akkerman

Winter Cities and Mood Disorder Akkerman

Myths of the North and origins of city form Akkerman

Platonic Myth and Urban Space Akkerman

Understanding Western Canada’s Dominion Land Survey System

The Citification of Small Town Plans

Re-designing Rural Residential Areas with Public Transportation in mind