2022 Awards Call for Nominations

We are now accepting nominations for the SPPI 2022 Awards to be presented at our next AGM at the 2022 SPPI Conference in Regina. Deadline to submit nomination is Friday, August 12, 2022.
See below for information and nomination form:

Excellence in Planning Award:

The purpose of this award is to recognize the best in professional planning work undertaken by members in communities and regions across Saskatchewan:

  1. Research and New Directions in Planning
  2. Excellence in Policy Planning
  3. Excellence in Planning Practice (Urban and Rural)
2014 Design Regina
2015 City of Yorkton/Crosby Hanna and Associates
2016 City of Regina – Development Charge Policy Review and Phasing and Financing Plan for New Growth Areas Project
2017 City of Prince Albert, Project Planning Group and Community
2018 Urban Systems and Partners, Community Development Initiative
2019 RM of Edenwold No. 158 – Official Community Plan and City of Regina, Underutilized Land Study

Community Volunteer Award

This award is in recognition of our SPPI members that contribute considerable amounts of personal time to groups and organizations in a non-professional capacity. These contributions help to increase quality of life for communities in Saskatchewan and also increases the profile of our profession within those communities.

2018  Jim Walters RPP MCIP

Volunteer Recognition Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the efforts of an SPPI member based on a personal commitment to planning; and to recognize extraordinary services and a significant contribution to the Institute by a volunteer.

2011 Elisabeth Miller RPP MCIP
2012 Jim Walter RPP MCIP
2013 Martino Verhaeghe RPP MCIP
2015 Lorne Sully RPP MCIP
2016 THRIVE 2015 CIP Organizing Committee

The Andy Campbell Award

The Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute annually presents a $200.00 award and a Certificate to a full-time fourth year student registered in the Regional and Urban Development Program. The student must be eligible for graduation and obtain the highest scholastic standing in the third and fourth year courses as designated by the College of Arts & Science. The recipient must also be a Student Member in standing with SPPI. Past recipients are:

1979-1980 Ronald Fournier
1980-1981 Felix Paul Hoehn
1981-1982 Donald G. Meikle
1982-1983 Bill Holden
1983-1984 Catherine Holstlander
1984-1985 Debbie Bryden
1985-1986 Paula Sali
1986-1987 Gordon Falk
1987-1988 Pennie Conacher
1988-1989 Edmund Kaufhold
1989-1990 Russell Dauk
1991-1992 Dwayne Whiteside
1992-1993 Jim Flath
1993-1994 Brenda Ireland
1994-1995 Ronald Fournier
1995-1996 Jill Harriman
1996-1997 Livia Kellett
1997-1998 Carey Baker
1998-1999 Kathy Coles
1999-2000 Felix Horne
2000-2001 Lyla Peter
2001-2002 Not awarded
2002-2003 Dana Irvine
2003-2004 Not awarded
2004-2005 Not awarded
2005-2006 Chelsea Jersak
2006-2007 Leanne Delong
2008-2009 Jordan Gasior
2009-2010 Janelle Anderson
2010-2011 Danae Lockert
2011-2012 Heather Rogers
2012-2013 Kyle Witiw
2013-2014 Linda Huynh
2014-2015 Brittney Beckie
2015-2016 Anastasia Conly
2016-2017 Carissa Donaldson
2017-2018 Jenna Stusek
2018-2019 Casey Shields
2020-2021 McKenna Schentag

Fraser-Gatrell Planning Awards

These awards are designed to recognize the efforts of both members and non-members of SPPI as they promote and enhance community planning in our communities.

Distinguished Contribution – Planner

Presented to a member of SPPI deserving of such recognition as a result of major achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Long time service and contribution to the Planning Profession;
  2. Work-related achievements including development plans, redevelopment projects, regional plans, policy plans and other projects where the planning process has been exercised;
  3. Public participation including community service, education, committee/task force work, dispute resolution and other related work involving the enhancement of planning from a public perspective.
1992 Dr. J. H. Richards
1998 H.E. Wellman
1999 Ray Crozier
2002 Lorne Sully
2009 Glen Grismer
2010 Larry Billett
2012 Andrew J. Hanna
2013 Ralph Leibel
2014 Tim Steuart
2015 Lenore Swystun
2016 Alan Wallace
2017 Kelley Moore
2019 Barry Braitman
2021 Laura Hartney

Citizen’s Planning Award

This award is presented to a person who is not a member of SPPI but has made a significant contribution to the promotion of Planning. The potential recipient could be a politician, educator, journalist, civil servant, or any other person who has directly enhanced the planning profession.

1993 Ralph K. Leibel Sr.
1995 Kate Waygood
1996 Ken Redekopp
1997 Tom Morgan
1998 Lucy M. Eley
1999 Ned Kosteniuk
2000 Stu MacFadden
2001 Dr. Edmond H. Dale
2003 Joseph Bourgault
2004 Mitch Holash
2005 Bev Robertson
2006 Fred Sutter
2008 Ken Achs
2011 Dorothy Johnston
2013 Mark Bobyn
2015 Cathy Watts
2016 Richard Turkheim
2017 Ryan Domotor
2019 Kim McIvor