2020 – 2022 Executive Council

Janine Fletcher, Candidate

Advocacy & Public Relations
I am from Oakville, ON. I studied at the University of Waterloo, Bachelor of Environmental Studies. I became a planner because I had interests in design, helping people, and protecting the environment. I saw planning as a perfect way to incorporate those interests into a career. I worked at several municipalities throughout my co-op work terms in university. Now I am working as the Planning & Development Officer for the City of Weyburn. I joined SPPI to meet planners in Saskatchewan, since I am new to province and moved here during the pandemic I was looking for opportunities to network with other professionals and get involved with our PTIA. My Goal while on Council is to hopefully be able to plan and attend an in-person conference in 2022. My favourite place to visit is Disney World, as a planner it continues to fascinate me how it essentially operates as a City within a City.

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