Activities & Education Sessions

Regional events and education sessions provide a forum for learning and informal discussion. The Institute sponsors professional development workshops and sessions throughout the year.

Members are informed on activities, education and advocacy through our member-only e-newsletters.

Continuing Professional Learning Program

Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) covers the specific activities that members of a professional body actively engage in to further their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities, relevant to the contemporary theory, methods, and practice of that profession. Go to our Learning Centre to find out more about the program offered at all provincial affiliates in professional planning.

Monitoring Issues and Legislation

The Institute monitors planning related issues and responds to the appropriate government departments and agencies on various issues affecting the practice of planning and the public in Saskatchewan. Find out more about our provincial advocacy here.


Outstanding achievements in the practice of planning and volunteers are recognized through the Annual SPPI Awards program. Go to our Awards page for more information.

CIP Professional Liability Insurance Program

The Canadian Institute of Planners, in conjunction with AON Reed Stenhouse Inc., is pleased to provide you with Professional Liability Insurance coverage. This coverage is for all Regulated Members of the Institute.

Applying for Membership

Registered Professional Planner

A RPP Member is a professional practicing planner who has met all the membership requirements for education and responsible professional planning experience. Registered Professional Planners have Right to Title and legally use the RPP after the Member’s name in Saskatchewan. Members are also entitled to use the MCIP designation. See the link below for an overview in steps to take in acquiring your designation:

Contact the Professional Standards Board of Canada for any further information or questions.


Individuals seeking Candidate membership must first have their qualifications assessed by the nationally-based Professional Standards Board for the planning profession in Canada (PSB), prior to admission to Candidate membership in SPPI. The PSB is the first stop for applicants for Candidate membership. Only once an applicant has been assessed by the PSB, and recommended for admission can they be admitted to Candidate membership. The PSB is also responsible for assisting those interested in acquiring the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) designation by administering the certification process. All applicants for candidate memberships are directed to the Professional Standards Board.


Becoming a Pre-Candidate with the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute (SPPI) is an excellent opportunity for individuals pursuing a career in planning and who intend to seek Candidate and ultimately Certified membership and ‘Registered Professional Planner’ status with the Institute to get connected with the profession and the Institute, if they are not yet eligible for admission to Candidate membership. This includes individuals who hold a degree from a university planning school/program which is formally accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and SPPI, but who are not currently employed in planning. It also includes individuals who are employed in planning but who do not hold an accredited planning degree and are not yet eligible for admission to Candidate membership.


Becoming a Student Member of the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute is an excellent opportunity for post-secondary planning students to get connected with the planning profession, network with established professional planning practitioners, take advantage of the services and benefits of the Institute offered to Student Members, and build their future career in planning. Students currently enrolled in a recognized planning program wishing to apply for Student Membership should apply online below.

Non-Resident Membership

A member in good standing of any affiliate of CIP or who holds CIP international status, may also hold a SPPI Non-Resident membership even if they do not live in Saskatchewan.

Subscriber Membership

Any individual with a general interest in planning who is not directly involved in planning and is not eligible for any other category of membership but who wishes to be connected with the profession and the Institute, and to receive some of the Institute’s services.