Continuing Professional Learning Program

Required ongoing professional development or learning is common and widely considered a best practice for most professions and professional associations like SPPI. The SPPI Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program was developed to achieve this best practice and to ensure that all practicing professional planners remain current with contemporary theory, methods, skills and knowledge within their profession.

The SPPI CPL system is outlined in detail in the SPPI CPL System Guide. It describes the policies and guidelines for the completion, reporting and administration of ongoing professional development to be undertaken by every professional member of SPPI in Saskatchewan. This includes all active Certified members or RPPs and Candidate members. 

If you are a Registered Professional Planner or Candidate Member of SPPI and in need of additional CPL’s, our Learning Centre can provide resources or stay tuned on our events page and e-news for upcoming events that qualify for CPL’s.

CIP Learning Hub

Winter 2022 Plan North West

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Community Adaptation to Climate Change

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Spring 2021 Plan North West

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SPPI Proponent Handbook

Voluntary Engagement with First Nations and Metis Communities to Inform Government’s Duty to Consult Process

Planning 101

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Truth and Reconciliation

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Planning Ethics Workshop

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Winter Cycling Webinar

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