We are pleased to host this years conference in Saskatoon, SK on Treaty 6 Territory and The Homeland of the Métis. 

Thank you to our amazing sponsors, speakers and volunteers for supporting this year’s conference! Please see below for program and speaker information.


Message from SPPI President, Maggie Schwab, RPP, MCIP

Welcome to this year’s annual conference of the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute. Building on the success of the 2022 conference in Regina, I am once again excited to be able to see you all in person. This year’s conference, Planning in the Prairies, offers a multitude of interesting sessions, mobile tours, and social events. 

This year’s conference would not be a success without the hard work and dedication of our conference co-chairs, organizing committee, and executive director. In my five years on SPPI Council, I have always been amazed by the extraordinary work these people commit to making every conference a success. 

Our many dedicated volunteers continue to support planning within Saskatchewan, and across the country as well as with our national partners. Volunteers are vital to the success of SPPI, and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your contributions over the years.

We are continuing to live in unprecedented times with misinformation and disrespect being foisted on our profession. Together with CIP we are looking into providing better support, tools, and techniques to help our members manage these emerging situations. Please take care of yourselves and look out for each other.

Message from the 2023 Conference Planning Co-Chairs

Welcome to the 2023 SPPI Conference in Saskatoon, SK, on Treaty 6 Territory and The Homeland of the Métis. Thank you for attending! 

This year’s theme, Planning in the Prairies, reflects our goal of incorporating content that is relevant to all of our membership throughout the prairies, and in the communities and lands we work with and plan for. 

Planning is multi-faceted and we are pleased to provide our members with a variety of program themes and content that will appeal to a variety of specialities and interests. Our focus for 2023 was to share opportunities for members to share practical skills and strategies for planning in the prairies. We hope SPPI members are able to generate new ideas and hone skills to use in your daily work and throughout your career. 

We would like to share a special thank you to all of the volunteers on the 2023 Conference Planning Committee! As well as the SPPI Council and Executive Director, our generous sponsors, and the various talented speakers willing to share their knowledge with us. This event would not be possible without everyone’s contribution. We look forward to the program and networking events – and can’t wait to see you all there!

We hope everyone enjoys their stay in Saskatoon!

Your SPPI Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Robyn Rechenmacher, RPP, MCIP

Janna Kerr, RPP, MCIP

Yvonne Prusak, RPP, MCIP

More Information on Presentations & Speaker Bios

Lydon Linklater, Traditional Knowledge Keeper

Opening and Closing Prayer

Wanda Dalla Costa


Radical Reimagining: Indigenous Placekeeping

Leanne DeLong & Rebekah Bennett


Frontlines of Bylaw Enforcement

Brenda Wallace


Being Practical About Climate Change

Ian Cantello & Michael Cotcher


Saskatchewan Drive Corridor Plan

David Fineday & Sarah Adair


Core Neighbourhood Housing & Support Services Mobile Tour

Vanessa Heilman & Kara Fagnou


Managing Riverbank Development

Oscar Zapata & Ana Hidalgo


Biodiversity in the City

Alkarim Davani


Missing Middle: City Building

Shannon Dyck & Genevieve Russell


Saskatoon's Green Pathways

Mobile Tour - Rayner Facility Tour

Ian Williamson & Brent McAdam


Mobile Tour - Historic and Future Downtown Saskatoon

Martino Verhaeghe


Workforce Mobility for Professional Planners in the Prairies

Jonathan Pradinuk & James R. McKnight


La Ronge Downtown Revitalization Plan

Jacq Brasseur


Re-thinking Community Engagement

Nick Sackville, Laura Pfifer, Josh Campbell, Sarah King, & Robert LaFontaine


Perspectives on Affordable Housing in Saskatchewan: Rising to the Challenge

John Bailey


Planning For Choice. Creating a mini catalyst project

Alan Wallace


Mobile Tour- Willow Grande Estates/National Affordable Housing Corporation

Jeff O’Brien


Temperance Colony to Prairie City

Jim Charlebois, Vicky Reaney, Adam Toth, & Aimee Bryck


Rural Planners Forum

Ben Clipperton, Dan Codling, Trevor Luddington, Matthew Rustad, & Ernest Muller


Planning and Surveying: Good Practice, Pain Points and Relationships


The 2023 Annual Conference, Planning in the Prairies, would not be possible without the dedicated effort and time from our amazing group of volunteers! Thank you everyone!

Ashley Kramer, Student Member

Blaire Prima, RPP, MCIP

Carey Baker, RPP, MCIP

Chrissie Gutmann, RPP, MCIP

David Ferrone, Candidate

Derek Vangool, Candidate

Jacob Ryan

Oliver Butler, Candidate

Paula Kotasek-Toth, RPP, MCIP

Rachel Alabi, RPP, MCIP

Ross Zimmerman, RPP, MCIP

Sarah Petersen, Student Member

Tyson McShane, RPP, MCIP

Veronica Blair, RPP, MCIP