2020 – 2022 Executive Council


Kenneth Weddige, Candidate

Professional Development
I was born and raised in Saskatoon. I attended the University of Saskatchewan and graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Political Studies and Regional & Urban Planning. I am currently enrolled in the Landscape Design for Climate Resilience certificate program offered through Ryerson University in Toronto. What interested me the most about planning is the seemingly endless opportunities. There is so much a person can do with a background in planning and though this may be daunting to some this was exciting to me. I have always been passionate about community development in various forms and planning has provided me with the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping communities. My first introduction to planning in a formal setting was a short internship with the Ministry of Government Relations in Saskatoon while I was in my final year of studies in the Regional & Urban Planning Program. My first full time position as a planner was with Associated Engineering in Saskatoon. I had the opportunity over a three-year period to work with an incredible multidisciplinary team of planners, engineers, and other related professionals.
I am currently employed with the City of Saskatoon where I have recently transitioned to a new position in Long Range Planning. My first position with the City was in Neighbourhood Planning where I was principally responsible for supporting the neighbourhood safety program. I pursued a position on SPPI Council to give back to the organization that has supported me through my journey in planning. I participated in previous years as a conference planning committee member and am excited to be taking on a larger role with the organization. While on council, my primary goal is to capitalize on the great work completed in previous years and continue to provide unique professional development opportunities to the members. I am also particularly interested in supporting the growth of the field through engaging with students and future students. I look forward to supporting and participating in the continued growth of the new Regional & Urban Planning internship course through the University of Saskatchewan. I am a proud member of the Saskatchewan British Car Club and the (fortunate/unfortunate) owner of a 1973 MGB.
In my free time I can generally be found pretending to be an automotive mechanic or a golfer. When that inevitably leads to frustration I turn to creative outlets for stress relief.
I am an avid cross-country skier which I picked up at the onset of the Covid pandemic.
Interesting planning story – During my time as a planning consultant one of the first projects I worked on was an Official Community Plan for a small town in southern Saskatchewan. I always enjoy reading through the local history books so I borrowed a copy from the town office and did just that. In that book, I noticed a reference to a rather uncommon last name that I had only seen on the backs of old family photos. What I discovered is that when my family first came to Canada, they landed in the area that eventually became this small town. A community member further informed me that one of the original huts that my ancestors had built was still standing though I never did visit the site.

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